Top 5 Travel Select Luggage Reviews And Buying Guide Updated 2020

When you think Traveler’s Choice, the first idea that might pop up into your head are premium bags that might empty your pockets. Even though the description might be accurate, there’s no reason to give up on the company just yet. For those that might be in a bit of a tight financial situation, the company has arranged a solution.

Travel Select is one of the product lines from Traveler’s Choice; they provide a similar high-quality bag for a quite a big difference in price. While the product line is targeted to the more affordable side of the target segment, there are still quite a bit of differencing factors within the line itself.

For such reason’s we’ve arranged a Travel Select Luggage Review, to be able to fish out something new from product line for your future endeavors. And who knows with the quality of these bags you might just find a permanent traveling partner for many more years to come.

Top 5 Travel Select Luggage Reviews

The major reason for which we’ve arranged this review is to help you, the end-user, find a product that really fits into your traveling needs. You must make the right choice, considering most tend to purchase an entire set, an investment that you really wouldn’t want to go wrong.

1.Travel Select Amsterdam 8-Piece Checked Luggage Set

A lot of parents dream of traveling the world; however, they never get to live that dream since having kids presents a bunch of responsibilities. So, here’s a great gift for your parent’s that should pair great with some plane tickets. A small token to thank them, while also making sure they stay stylish on their travels.
Bags from Travel Select, come with the assurance that they’re built to last, so your parents should be good for quite some time. An assurance like such comes from the materials being used, the entire set is made using the highest-grade, two-tone polyester, keeping the bags sturdy and durable for the harshest of conditions.
Pairing this luxurious material onto all the bags doesn’t only keep you from losing them on the luggage belt, but also looks extremely stylish and sophisticated. The bags come in a few color combinations, such as Burgundy, Navy, Gray, and Orange.
The bags are also a miracle to those who like to keep organized, with four of the eight bags dedicated to helping you divide your luggage into sections. These four cubes come in different sizes each serving a different purpose; moreover, this 8-piece set also comes with a laptop bag, making it a great addition for those traveling for business.
Lastly, the other 3 larger bags, are equipped with a trolley system, using an aluminum push-button handlebar system and in-line skate wheels, thus making the bags easier to travel with. Buying 8 bags at the same time, might seem like straining your pockets a bit too much, however at these prices this seems like a bit of a stretch.

•Organizing your bags becomes simpler
•8-piece set at this price is a steal
•Luxurious, and durable material
•Great mobility using trolley-system
•Polyester and aluminum frame for lightweight

•This fabric is not waterproof
•Old design not for everyone

2.Travel Select Amsterdam Checked Luggage

The range from travel select focuses on a more vintage look on their bags, thus ending up looking like something that’s coming straight out of the ’80s. Purchasing the Amsterdam is sure to send your parent’s back on a nostalgic ride; however, it’s only nostalgic on the outside, the functions of the bag still match present standards.
One of its major advantages is that you can buy this entire bag in a set form, from a 2-piece set to a 4-piece set and lastly an 8-piece set. Not only can you invest in a set for the entire family, but you’re also being able to really organize your luggage. As you buy more, the already affordable bags come at an even further discounted price.
The exterior of the bag is made using a superior quality 1200D 2-tone polyester, giving the bag durability and rigidity. These sturdy bags can withstand the most drastic bumps and falls to occur during traveling. Moreover, the front panel of the bag is padded to allow the bag to take a hit while your fragile products remain safe.

Talking about protection, the interior is also completely lined to keep your clothes protected from minor water spills, with extra pockets included for your shoes and two elastic tie-down bands keeping everything in place. The bag does great when it comes to space with a roomy interior and extra pouches on the exterior of the bag.
Featuring a push-button handle system and rolling wheels is what sets this bag apart from any other 80’s bag. These and a clasp system for totting other bags, makes this a highly functional bag, that makes traveling in style look like a piece of cake.

•Expandable up to 25%
•Complete elegant interior lining
•Reasonable pricing
•Sturdy design
•High packing capacity.

•Material isn’t waterproof
•Fiber materials are more affected by blows

3.Travel Select Amsterdam Business

If you’re the type of person to taking a day-long trip to another city to get a multi-million-dollar agreement signed, then this bag is meant for you. The Amsterdam Business edition luggage, at first sight, might look like an ordinary carry-on bag. However, what it’s packing on the inside, should be enough to get your wallet out.
Going down for business requires you to look your part as well, although it’s tough to look your part when your shirt or jacket is all wrinkled up. However, this bag provides a simple solution, its fold-out design, and the inner center hook is what sets it apart. It allows you to store items without having to fold them, thus keeping them wrinkle-free.
Its small size is what makes it convenient, you can take it to a meeting without facing much trouble. Also, the small size makes it perfect as carry-on baggage, so you can carry your essentials i.e. your laptop and files with you at all times, without having to carry an extra bag. Even though the bag is mainly intended as a carry-on, the manufacturers have made sure to keep it durable and rigid. Made using a two-tone polyester shell, gives you an unparalleled amount of durability to keep your valuables safe. Moreover, the front panel of the bag uses reinforced EVA keeping it safe from drops and blows.
You’ll be able to get the bag in a variety of bold colors that suit your taste, while still looking smart and elegant. A crucial element for such a bag is its trolley system, the bag uses a push-button handle system, with additional in-line skate wheels to complete the set-up.

•Complete inner lining
•Inner hanger hook for suits
•Uses high-durability material
•Compact design
•Lightweight and fluent maneuverability

•Pricing is a bit steep for carry-on bags
•The polyester shell doesn’t prevent water seepage

4. Travel Select Amsterdam (4-piece set)

This package deal from Amsterdam includes 3 upright rolling bags and 1 travel tote bag, a perfect deal for a couple. So, if you’re having difficulty deciding on a gift for your newlywed friends, we suggest you consider this one. Plus, if they’re avid travelers, you might be expecting a heartfelt thankyou note.
The Amsterdam addition of travel select is well known for its spacious interior, it comes completely lined with high-quality fabrics, giving a much premium feel. Regardless of the already spacious interior, each rolling bag comes with expansion technology, meaning you can increase its capacity by another 25%.
Moreover, the travel tote that comes with the set, doubles as a daily use laptop bag as well. The bag includes a shoulder strap and is completely padded, this makes sure your laptop remains protected at all times. So, you don’t need to argue anymore with unmindful passengers for stuffing their bags on top of your one.An extra feature included on all the rolling bags from Amsterdam is it’s add-a-bag strap system, by using a clasp the tote bag can be attached to the trolley handle. So, you don’t have to go through the trouble of carrying the bag on your shoulder at all times.
These bags are made using strong 2-tone polyester fabric, making them extremely durable and able to withstand the harsh conditions of an airport. Moreover, the bags come in extremely bold color schemes, with the grey one really bringing out a more formal look.

•In-line skating wheels
•Expandable technology
•Abundant space, with specialized inner and outer pockets
•Bold coloring schemes
•Highly Affordable Prices

•Polyester provides almost no waterproofing
•Trolley system has a cheap build

5. Travel Select Amsterdam 2-Piece Set

For those of us that find solace in being by themselves, who still love to have fun regardless of being single. Travel Selects 2-piece set, is the perfect partner for those trips where you run out to find yourself. In this 2-piece set, you’re getting a 25inch upright rolling bag and a tote bag to seal the deal.
The bags are made using the same high-quality 2 tone polyester fabric, giving the bag its rigid structure, thus keeping you away from any surprises when it turns up on the baggage belt. This material is further supported using an EVA panel, which pads the front side allowing for greater rigidity and safety.
With these bags you’ll never have to worry about not having enough space, the spacious interiors paired with the outer pouches, not only allow for the organization but also provide an increased capacity. However, the bag seems to have a few tricks up its sleeves, as the expansion tech allows you to open up the bags a further 25%. You’re also getting a large boost when it comes to maneuverability, the push-button retractable handle system along with the bags in-line skating wheels, allow you to move along at the airport with ease. The bags also have included several handles to make carrying easier.
For someone who’s starting out in the job sector trying to make it in the world, money can be a very sensitive topic. However, with this deal no one would have to make a second thought. Making it a perfect choice for students and those who’re just starting off.

•Lightweight and highly durable material
•Premium texture material with internal lining
•Extra space capacity
•Padded baggage for better protection
•Large pockets for better organizing

•The bag might seem a little dull
•Doesn’t feature a body made of polycarbonate

Why Travel Select luggage

Traveler’s Choice has been a stellar front runner in the luggage market, so a company such as travel select under the wing of its parent company is destined for greatness. The company is dead set on providing only the best while keeping the prices reasonable and competitive.
These reasons should be enough to convince a person to make a decision, however the company doesn’t stop here, striving to only provide the best and here’s how:


The collection of bags from Travel Select comes with a well-designed interior, coming completely lined with a premium quality fabric, but that’s just the cherry on top. The main reason to buy this bag would be its immense storage capacity, each model is designed to provide more than what’s stated.While the bags already do get an extension on capacity, they don’t just stop there. All stand-up rolling bags come with expansion technology, giving you an extra 25% boost. So, the next time an airline limits the number of bags you can carry, you’ll have a trick up your sleeves.


Colors say quite a lot about a person, the color you select for your travels matter quite a lot as it tells people the purpose of your visit. Even though this might be a small reason it has a big effect on purchase decisions, Travel Select makes sure to give a huge choice when it comes to colors.
These colors provided aren’t only vibrant and bold, they completely change the perception of their bags, the Amsterdam addition by itself has a wide color palette with each color appealing to a completely different segment.


One of the key aspects of any luggage is the ease at which it can be moved along from point A to B. This is another area at which Travel Select really shines, the lightweight material is paired with its industry-standard trolley system. Making for a great companion on any trip, as you don’t have to do any heavy lifting.
Moreover, you’re getting a pair of high-quality in-line skating wheels with each bag, allowing you to take the bags almost anywhere without worrying about the wheels breaking down. Providing great grip whether you’re traveling on smooth surfaces or uneven ones.


When you’re buying luggage it’s only normal that you’ll be emptying your pockets that day, however, this doesn’t seem to apply for Travel Select. The bags even though they use premium quality material are priced at extremely affordable prices. Thus, giving you that bang for the buck experience that most consumers are looking for.


For those that have traveling at the top of their to-do list, they must invest in the right luggage. These bags might not seem like the most expensive of investments, but it is the one that’ll last for a very long time. So, it's important that you select a bag that not only fits your needs but also resonates with your personality.The Travel Select family provides a huge range of products that should fit perfectly into your lives, all you have to do is go through these Travel Select luggage reviews to help you select the right one.


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