Top 5 American Tourister Luggage Reviews And Buying Guide Updated 2021

What is your constant companion during traveling? Surely, your travel bags and luggage! The thing that is going to accompany you throughout the journey, of course, you would like to pick the best to have your trip with.

With so many brands existing in the market, each having numerous products, you are likely to find yourself in the midst of a complex maze. To make your task less stressful, this article offers you the American Tourister luggage reviews.

American Tourister is a prominent brand in the luggage market. They craft some really high-quality, stylish, fun luggage. Let’s start looking about their details one by one!
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1. American Tourister Disney Hardside Luggage with Spinner Wheels

Designers of the suitcase had been thoughtful about its design and came up with a sleek funky look that is bound to catch everyone’s attention. Also, you will find fun Disney branded inside lining.

Along with the attractive look, the interior of the luggage has sufficient room for storing your belongings. There is book opening case with mesh divider which helps you to store your materials in a different compartment improving organization and safety.
In order to move the luggage smoothly, there are four multi-directional wheels. So, you can roll the luggage upright. There won’t be any extra weight on your arms and shoulder reducing the stress for movement.

Moreover, cross straps inside the suitcase prevent the dislocation of your belongings thus increase the security of your goods. This feature is very useful when your luggage undergoes heavy shakes or movements. Cross straps keep the objects stable and unharmed in such situations.

Lastly, you can use them for a long time because the luggage is constructed well and are durable. Price of the product is also affordable and worth spending.

Highlighted Features

- Polyester lining
- Cross straps to prevent dislocation of the objects and increased stability
- Four multi-directional wheels for easy movement
- Book opening case for separate compartment, allowing better organization
- Long lasting
- Push button for locking pull handle
- Exclusive stylish design
- Complies carry on restrictions of the airlines
- Compartments with mesh dividers and pockets

2. American Tourister Disney Hardside Luggage with Spinner Wheels

When it comes to design, these suitcases compete to the same degree with the previously mentioned. They do have stylish flashy appearance to garner its surroundings attention. The linings of the interior have prints of Disney characters on them.

These bags are ideal for longer trips because the 28-inch spinner luggage amplify the packing power. Besides, the interior is roomy enough to store everything you need to bring on a trip.

It is divided into large compartments with mesh dividers and pockets which enable you to organize your stuffs easily. The book opening case with mesh divider divides the case into compartments. For stability, there are cross straps to check the displacement of the articles inside the case.

Rolling the luggage is as smoothing as the butter, thanks to the four multi-directional spin wheels. The luggage rolls upright without any requirement of extra pull from your arm, making traveling easy and pleasant.
Thankfully, the price tag that comes along with the product is not going to break your wallet. In addition, you can use the product for years without any trouble. This luggage is one of the best options for boys and girls on the go.

Highlighted Features

- Stylish attractive design
- Comfortable and easy mobility with four multi-directional spin wheels
- Spacious interior
- Compartments with mesh divider and pockets for better organization
- Cross straps to keep the stuff firm in place
- Polyester lining
- Beveled push button to adjust and lock retractable pull handle
- Sturdy and long lasting

3. American Tourister Belle Voyage Expandable Softside Luggage with Spinner Wheels

With denim look, this is another model of the brand that is highly fashionable and at the same time comes with full of useful features. The gorgeous rose gold accent in the bag has made the design more elegant.

To ensure smooth rolling, there are ‘airflow’ multi-directional spinner wheels. The luggage rolls upright so there is less stress on your arm and shoulder. Even on the most carpets, the wheels roll smoothly. Moreover, with the integrated top, side and bottom handles, you can lift the bag comfortably.

Another important feature is that the bags expand up to 1.5 inches as you store clothing in it. So, you can store more with the increased space. Furthermore, the interior is divided into several compartments with mesh pockets. It enables you to travel organized.
The fabric used in the outer part is twill and the interior lining is made from nylon. Presence of such material has made the luggage durable and heavy-duty. Also, the zippers are smooth and long-lasting. Hence, the luggage can serve you for a long time.

In order to make the objects stable and prevent displacement, there are compression straps in the cases that hold the articles firmly. In short, if you travel frequently, this heavy-duty luggage has everything you want it to offer.

Highlighted Features

- Twill fabric
- Elegant design with gorgeous rose gold accent
- Sufficient space and expands up to 1.5 inch to store more stuffs
- Smooth zippers and beveled push button to lock handle
- Easy mobility
- Several compartments and pockets for better organization
- Nylon lining

4. American Tourister Fieldbrook XLT Set

If you are looking for some budget-friendly cases, then this one is here to meet your expectations. This lightweight luggage comes at a phenomenal price and surprisingly with many useful features as well.

In spite of its reduced price, the design is no less attractive than its existing counterparts. Made from 600 D polyester, the bag has a shiny jazzy look that enables you to roll in style.
Another big advantage of the luggage is its lightweight. Ultra-light polyester construction makes your travel comfortable and less hectic. In addition, the corners are reinforced to shield the bag in harsh circumstances.

Thankfully, to make the size compact the manufacturer hasn’t compromised with the interior space. There is sufficient room inside with interior and exterior pockets and compartments for better organization.

For painless mobility, there are in line skate wheels which roll the case upright so there is no weight on your arm or shoulder. The push button locking handle allows you to fit the handle for a better grasp.

Highlighted Features

- Shiny look
- Polyester lining
- Smooth rolling in line skate wheels for easy movability
- Ultra-lightweight 600 D polyester construction
- Strengthened corners to protect during harsh conditions
- Several pockets and compartments for better organization
- Push button locking handle to adjust the handle to hand

5. American Tourister 4 Kix Expandable Softside Luggage with Spinner Wheels

Traveling with heavy luggage is painful and cumbersome. Consequently, everyone wants to keep their travel bags as light as possible. For light traveling, these cases are like blessings! Specifically, these cases are constructed to be lightweight, weighing less than seven pounds. So, you don’t have to carry extra dead loads to burden your shoulder.

Although, there is sufficient room for storage. Moreover, the cases expand to some extent to allow increased packing capacity. The interior is divided into multiple compartments with mesh pockets and dividers that make your journey more organized.

360 spinner wheels of the cases make easy movements possible. There is no need to provide extra effort to move the luggage. A little push is enough, and the wheels will do the rest.

Long and wide pull handle provide easy and comfortable grip. The handles are made of aluminum to keep weight light. With push button locking system, you can extend it out from the suitcase when needed and push it inside when not in use.

The products are meticulously tested by the company before distribution. So, the incidents of finding faults in the products are very rare. Hence, you can rely on the products without any hesitation

Highlighted Features

- Exceptionally light weight
- Expands to create more room inside the bag
- 360 spinner wheels for easy mobility
- Fabric lining
- Push-button locking system
- Compartments and pockets for better organization

What to Look for When Buying

There are plenty of varieties in the travel luggage market. Picking the one that meets your requirements perfectly can be troublesome. In this situation, what you can do is to examine the following aspects before buying.


Needless to mention, select your luggage size first. If you travel for long time and need to load so many stuffs in your suitcase, then go for the cases having maximum space. Extension is also a useful feature that extends the capacity of a luggage. If you don’t have a lot of things to carry, buy a smaller one because that will be light and easy to carry.


All the traveler tries to cut down the extra weight of their backpack. Probably, you’re no different. So, make sure your luggage is light. Lightweight luggage makes your journey easy and comfortable. 


Wheels are going to move your case from one place to another. So, you need really good wheels to acquire effortless and smooth mobility. Also, make sure the wheels are able to move in multi direction. And, avoid buying luggage with flimsy wheels because if one of the wheels breaks in the midway, you have to carry the case for the rest of the distance.


One of the essential components of a suitcase is the handle. The handle should be sturdy and if possible, lightweight. Most cases come with a push button locking system to fit the handle for better grasp.

You can put the handle inside after use to prevent breakage. Some other optional handles in the sides or the bottom are also handy when you want to lift the case. Look for these features while buying your luggage.


Having compartments in your luggage is not essential, but you can realize its importance while packing for a journey. When you travel, there are versatile objects you need to store in your bag. Multiple compartments and pockets help you organize your stuffs neatly. 


It is a must-have if you’re traveling with sensitive or fragile articles. Whether you are traveling by air or road, your cases will go through shakes and movements in certain situations. The straps hold your belongings firmly and prevent them from displacement or damage. 

About the Brand

American Tourister is an experienced name in the luggage market, manufacturing luggage since 1933. 75 years after, they are now one of the largest luggage companies in the world which have been possible for their consistency in crafting out fashionable and quality products at a great value.

With the motto ‘Pack more fun’, they are renowned to manufacture trendy and stylish cases that is bound to garner everyone’s attention. The secret recipe of their success is that they invest their effort to understand how the customers travel, what they like and how their travel can be made more comfortable.

The brand offers a wide range of products to its customers. Besides travel luggage, they manufacture casual and business bags with unfaltering quality. On top of that, their travel suitcases have plenty of variations that keep the gate of customers’ choice open. There is option to find the one that you are looking, or you can explore new products, too. 


That was all we had to share regarding your next pick of American Tourister suitcases. Hope you have acquired what you had to know. Although, there is always room for personal preferences.

Whatever may be your choice, always try to go for quality products, you won’t be disappointed. Have a pleasant journey with your luggage!


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