Best luggage brands in 2021 every traveller need to know this

Let your luggage take care of your belongings so that you can be worry-free/jolly as a sand boy. And no one knows how to protect your belongings better than some of the best luggage brands.

Since the beginning of modern Commute, luggage has become even more essential than ever before. Luggage technology has evolved quite a lot since 1950. With the invention of newer technology, luggage has become lighter, more durable, more stylish and carry more stuff.

Luggage brands that are at the top of the market, will surely supply you with the best product so that you can rest assured knowing that your belongings are safe and sound. 

Best Luggage Brands

Here’s my opinion about the best luggage brands:


Samsonite is one of the oldest luggage brands it still dominates the market even after being in the scene for more than a century. Samsonite started its journey in 1910 by making robust trunks made out of wood.

But the name "samsonite" came into existence in 1941. The inspiration came from the success of one of their most popular luggage at that time, "Samson," thanks to its innovative use of vulcanized fibers. Since then, innovation is what samsonite is synonymous with.
Being a veteran in the luggage market, samsonite surely knows a customer's needs. From more than a hundred of its collections, you'll find a luggage piece that suits your needs.
If you are a hardshell suitcase person, then there's Windfield 2 or the newcomer Windfield 3 for you. You love soft-sided? Samsonite will cover you with the Aspire Xlite series.
Looking for a duffel? Samsonite brings Tote-A-Ton. Along with suitcase, duffels, Samsonite will also offer you quite the luxurious backpack, like, REMAGG, mobile solution, Encompass Womens Convertible.

Being in the market since the beginning of modern human travel, Samsonite surely is the brand to be trusted.
And even if some unfortunate occurrence happens with your piece of luggage, Samsonite will be on your side through their customer service. Depending on the product, they typically offer Warranty ranging between 2-10 years.


Initially starting their journey in 1975, Tumi has made its name in the world of high-end luxurious luggage. Although it also has quite the reputation for its budget luggage as well.
Tumi is mostly known for its iconic black-on-black ballistic nylon luggage. Other accessories such as belts, pens, and electronic equipment are few of the business expansions of Tumi.
Tumi has several product lines offering a variety of options considering the potential needs of the customers.

The alpha 3 line is a well-rounded product line. You’ll find some of the lightest suitcases available in the market, as well as some of the most durable, thanks to TUMI’s revolutionary FXT Ballistic Nylon.

TUMI's Alpha Bravo covers a man's needs in terms of luggage, backpacks, briefcases, holdalls, duffels, and whatnot.
They are sufficient for short trips and works great as an add-a-bag feature along with other luggage for longer trips. Similar to Alpha Bravo, TUMI Voyager will compliment a woman's choice with its vivid and vibrant color and great organization features.
TUMI 19 degree and TUMI V3 feature the revolutionary polycarbonate and polypropylene to achieve the edge in the realm of high durability and lightweight, respectively.
TUMI was at the very top in the luggage market for a very long time, and it still is. However, the change in ownership in 2016 has brought some changes.
Tumi now provides five years warranty instead of a lifetime warranty. Recently there have been some reports of TUMI not paying proper attention to their customers through customer care, but as long as the product itself is solid, it's not a detrimental issue.


Delsey started making luggage in 1946. Before that, Émile Delahaye, one of the founders of Delsey, specialized in making cases for cameras, typewriters, and record players. In 1946 Émile Delhaye started working with Andrew and Walter Seynhaeve brothers and set their focus on making suitcases.

Since then, Delsey earned over 70 Awards and patents. Delsey’s achievements tell the story of its journey. In 1970, Delsey revolutionized the luggage industry with the invention of their Hard-shell luggage.

The revolution didn’t stop there. Delsey led the way once again in 1972 with their invention of wheeled luggage. Among Delsey’s Hardside luggage, Aero series, Cruise Lite are some of the great luggage.

For the soft-sided luggage lovers, Delsey offers Sky Max and Helium Sky, Delsey uses their iconic MicroBallistic fabric to achieve the durability paired with lightweight. 100% virgin polycarbonate made CHÂTELET HARD+ is one of many fancy luggage lines Delsey has to offer.


Established in 1898, Rimowa is the oldest company on my list. Paul morszeck, with the help of Heinrich Görtz, started his family business of manufacturing suitcases in 1898 under the name of "Görtz & Morszeck" in cologne of Germany.

In 1931 Richard Morszeck joined the business and registered the company as RIMOWA. In 1937, after a fire at the RIMOWA factory, everything was burnt down except aluminum.
Following the incident, aluminum luggage came into existence. In 1950, RIMOWA introduced the groovy pattern to strengthen its aluminum structure. Which, later on, it became the signature for RIMOWA.

As for the product of RIMOWA, the salsa air product line is dedicated to lightweight. Salsa and Salsa deluxe are for durability. The Limbo luggage line is for style with its outstanding colors. Without an aluminum suitcase, RIMOWA will never be complete. The Topas stealth is some of the modern and durable aluminum luggage.
The good products of RIMOWA come with a 5-year guarantee if registered online. Otherwise, a 2-year guarantee is provided.


Beside Samsonite, Tumi, Delsey, Rimowa, other brands offer a similar quality, if not better. Brands like American Tourister, Travelpro, Eagle Creek, Briggs & Riley, Hartmann, and Bric's are all well recognized around the world.

The four brands I chose are the most versatile and covers all grounds in the luggage world. Regardless of your type and liking, you're likely to find a piece that compliments your needs — quality, durability, lightweight, style, functionality.

A piece of good luggage needs all these qualities while fitting in a buyer's budget. And these brands will give you all. And again, this is my choice of best luggage brands. Feel free to explore and find out what you like most.


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