Top 5 Heys Luggage Review And Buying Guide Updated 2021

Are you bored of carrying the same old black suitcase? Bring a change with one of the stylish suitcases from Heys. In this Heys luggage reviews, we will take a look at some of their top of the line product and see if they are worth buying.

Heys started their journey in 1986 as a family business. Since the beginning of their business, they are producing out-of-the-ordinary cases among them are the lightest xCase line, Eco-friendly EcoCase, and then several other lines following several comics and cartoons.

They mostly produce hard cases, and their products can be compared with some of the top brands in the market for their quality.
But quality is not Heys' main attraction. You already got plenty of renowned brands that can deliver the top-notch quality. What sets Heys apart from them is Heys' distinctive and bold color choice and design.

Don't get me wrong, Heys luggage is also top-notch in quality, and they offer some premium class functionality. However, as I said, their main strength is their fashion choices. Let's go ahead and take a look at some of the master-class hard-sided suitcases from Heys.

Top 5 Heys Luggage Reviews

1. Heys Marvel Comics 21 inches

Dashing style for fashion lovers. This 21-inches carry on suitcase from heys is literally a piece of art. If you are a comic lover, you'll fall in love with this suitcase in no time. It is filled with marvel comics artwork.

Its glossy finish complements its dashing design further. But only the style won't get you through the tour, will it? This luggage packs plenty of functionality as well. Comfortable handle, 2 pairs of free-spinning wheels, suiter cabinet, all the benefits of a premium suitcase, but in a budget suitcase.

This hard-side suitcase is made of polycarbonate blend. It is light, durable, and with its telescopic handle, it is quite comfortable to carry around. The 4 free-spinning wheels are not in-line, thus there's less risk of knocking the bottom when climbing stairs. There's no side pocket on this piece.

The only two zippers visible from the outside are for the packing compartment and expansion space. When expanded, you'll get about 20% extra space in the main compartment. The packing compartment has a suiter space separated by fabric wall and zipper, with hanger holder and compression strap.

The clothing section has its own compression straps for clothes. You also get a small pocket for random stuff. It has all the features you'd expect from a suitcase. Let's face it; a suitcase needs to look amazing beside functioning like a charm, right? Heys does it pretty well.
Other comic lovers will envy you for your piece, coz they don't live their dream. However, you might need to be a little careful handling your suitcase. Its glossy finish might get scratches if handled ruthlessly. But hey, it's a budget suitcase. Overall, a great piece of equipment, in my opinion.

Highlighted Features:-

- 20% extra space in the main compartment
- Filled with marvel comics artwork
- Easy handling
- Small pocket for random stuff

2. Heys Britto New Day 26 Inches

Shine up your journey with the vibrant color of Britto. Heys Britto series is a collection of suitcases full of color and prismatic design. These limited-edition suitcases are designed by Romero Britto.

With its vibrant color and joyful design, this suitcase is sure to stand out bold and proudly among other suitcases at the carousel. This 26-inches suitcase will not be your carry-on. However, it'll get you through a mid-length trip with ease.

This hard case is made of polycarbonate composite. It has all the functionality you may expect from a suitcase. Its interior is lined with bright blue fabric. Its spacious packing compartment has clip buckles with soft padding to hold your belongings in place. Under the top lid, there is a separate space for suits or dresses.

A fabric partition with a zip opening locks it from the main space. On the partition fabric, there is a mesh pocket for your papers or tablet. Another mesh pocket makes it easy to keep smaller stuff in a place. On the outside, beside the telescopic handle, there are two other handles to help you lift it if you need to.

This suitcase is neat and pretty to carry around. You'll no longer be confused about which suitcase is yours between 10 other similar ones because your one will be the unique one at the carousel. With the limited-edition Heys Britto, it'll rather be a treat if you happen to see another one of the same models.

Highlighted Features:-

- Full of color and prismatic design
- Designed by Romero Britto
- Spacious packing compartment
- A fabric partition with a zip opening locks

3. Heys America Bianco 21 Inches Carry-On

Be a fashionable globetrotter with the classy design of the Heys America Bianco. This case from Heys is a fantastic looking case with amazing cracked marble design. When you walk in the airport with this luggage, you can rest assured that your luggage is going to be one of the unique and attractive one.

With its glossy finish and marvelous design, everyone you meet will be complimenting the case. Moreover, it'll accompany you in the plane's cabin as well, since it is of carry-on size. All these are great bonuses from a suitcase, right? Other than its classy look, this suitcase is great at its functionality as well.

Its polycarbonate composite structure makes this case durable, lightweight, impact-resistant, and ensures that this case remains strong and solid even after many trips. With its aluminum pull-handle and four free-spinning hinomoto wheels, this luggage will roll as smoothly as possible for a suitcase.

I'm pretty sure you'll appreciate its black and white striped interior lining rather than boring plain black. Speaking of the interior, the suiter cabinet and 4 separate mesh pockets will make organizing more fun and less tedious.

This case also has a zipper released expansion system, which will allow you to pack extra stuff if you don't mind checking in your luggage. Overall, America Bianco 21 by Heys is a great piece of luggage. It offers all the convenience of premium luggage, but it fits nicely in a much smaller budget.

Highlighted Features:- 

- Amazing cracked marble design
- Great functionality
- Polycarbonate composite structure
- Aluminum pull-handle

4. Heys America Oasis Fashion Carry-On

The peaceful luggage for the peaceful you. Heys America Oasis is another magnificent product from the Heys America luggage line. Heys has its reputation for making dashing, stylish hard-side suitcases, and this one carries their renown even further.

This suitcase, with its black and white color scheme with a touch of gold and design inspired by nature, is a treat to the eye. However, if you're not into black, there's a white-gold color combination for you.

If you are looking for a way out from the chaos and business of the city, this calm and peaceful looking suitcase is going to be the first step you need to take toward your oasis. Apart from the peaceful look of the suitcase, it is also calming to pack and organize.

It has all the facilities a suitcase can offer. Two pairs of mesh pockets make organizing small items fun rather than pain. And for your clothing, you have a spacious packing compartment with a pair of padded compression straps locked by a pair of clip buckles.

What did you say? For your suits? Heys thought about that too. This case has a designated place for suits or dresses locked by a U-shaped zippered pocket. If you need to pack heavy, there's an expansion system that allows you to expand the suitcase up to 20% extra space.
On the outside, the only thing that breaks its smooth surface is the TSA lock and the top carrying handle. Other than that, it is a charm to look at. All in all, this suitcase is pretty to look at, and it does the job well. It is a pretty versatile and good quality suitcase to own.

Highlighted Features:-

- Stylish hard-side suitcases
- All the facilities a suitcase can offer
- Padded compression straps
- U-shaped zippered pocket

5. Heys Superlite 30 Inches

Pack heavy when the suitcase is light. Heys Superlite is one of the lightest hard-side luggage from Heys. One obvious benefit of having a light suitcase is that it cuts off less from your limited allowance of weight. Therefore, you get more freedom when packing. A light suitcase is also comfortable to move-around.

This specific model from Heys features a unique design on its structure. Rather than plain or glossy finish, this model has a cubic emboss surface design. It helps in preventing surface scratches and scuffs. The interior of this suitcase is simple yet brilliant. The fabric lining makes a soft layer of cushion for your clothes.

There are a zippered divider and an X-shaped clip buckle compression strap to help you in organizing your belongings. Under the top lid, there is a zippered pocket for your suit. No smaller pockets inside. You don't have to go through multiple pockets, to get to the one item you forgot which pocket you stuffed it in.

It'll all be ready, right in front of you. On the outside, there are two carry-handles, one on top and another on the side. Besides the side handle, there is an integrated TSA lock, and on the opposite side, there is a set of pedals in case you want to park the suitcase sideways.
This suitcase is a great choice if you want to travel simple and light. With its polycarbonate blend structure and distinctive design, this case will remain strong and unmarked even after several years. Overall, it's a great deal for its price.

Why Heys Luggage?

With travelers packing more things into their carryon bags, manufacturers are now designing new luggage that can hold more stuff. Heys is a Mississauga based company that sells luggage around with larger sized carryon bag that can get on an airplane. Most importantly, their luggage fit in the airport carryon cage.

Another problem for passengers is overweight luggage. If you travel all the time, you will need something durable and affordable to pack all your stuff.
The luggage you will be using should also be functional, light ad nice looking. And for that reason, Heys got a wide range of luggage lineup that should provide all the features you will need on your travels.

Not only their suitcases are lightweight, but they are also roomy. You also get total turning flexibility. They have a good color scheme that makes them very easy to spot on the baggage conveyor.

Almost all the luggage has wheels that can spin. This is great for easy movement around the airport. Because of their lightweight design, you keep your luggage weight below the 50-pound maximum in your flight.

With airline industries making billions of dollars for checked baggage, and some carriers not only weighing your luggage, but they are also weighing your bag too. It’s time to get creative. Charges for checked bags vary on the airline and your destination.

To avoid fees, more people are filling their carry-ons with as much stuff as possible. And now some airlines have started weighing them. A lot of travelers are now packing lighted to try and avoid baggage fees.

Depending on where you are going, you could end up paying 25 to 35 dollars per baggage. That’s why it’s important that you make the most of your carryon luggage. And that’s why you need lightweight luggage that is designed smartly and efficiently.

Heys luggage is now capable of holding more stuff while being as lightweight as possible. Because of rising baggage fees, you now have an option to bypass the system and stop those cash-grabbing cows. Their larger size carryon bags can get on an airplane.

Final Thoughts

It’s the total turning flexibility that makes this luggage worth buying. If you are tired of changing your luggage every year and want something for durable, lightweight, and flexible, go with the Heys luggage reviews.


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