Top 5 Ricardo Beverly Hills Luggage Review And Buying Guide Updated 2021

The first essential item to have before going on a trip somewhere is a proper luggage to carry all your necessary belongings. Now what are the characteristics that justify a luggage as good? Well, it has to be sturdy and have lots of room for all your belongings.

You wouldn’t want your precious things to get spoilt by unruly airport baggage handling, right? And for this purpose, Ricardo Beverly Hills has been the perfect consumer choice for years.

Ever since the 70s, they have produced quality luggage that need no introduction. To make things easier for you, we have prepared the top 5 Ricardo Beverly Hills Luggage Review.

Top 5 Ricardo Beverly Hills Luggage Review

Below, you will find a comprehensive list of the top 5 Ricardo Beverly Hills Luggage with their notable features

1. Ricardo Beverly Hills Mar Vista 20-Inch

This fancy bag from Ricardo Beverly Hills is available in stylish designs that will make you look like a trendy traveler. It is also priced affordably, and you won’t need to sell your arms and legs to get one. Not only this, it has plenty of outside pockets to provide you extra room for your necessary but handy belongings.

Starting off on its features, this luggage has two pairs of dual wheels that provide you the ease of swiftly moving the luggage around. On top of this, the wheels are quite flexible and spin in all directions without making any noise. The room space is also quite large and provides plenty of space to fit in everything you desire.

Apart from all this, the handle of this luggage is well padded which prevents your hands from getting soar. In addition, the luggage comes with a rolling garment bag and a rolling tote feature. You can be rest assured about the safety of your belongings by locking it away through its multistage locking mechanism.

Highlighted Features

- Four dual wheels
- Padded handles
- Multi-stage locking
- Upright case available
- Large roomspace

2. Ricardo Beverly Hills

Available in the color purple paisley, this is another stylish luggage from Ricardo Beverly Hills. Its features are almost similar to our first pick, but its dimensions are a bit smaller. You can use this one as a carryon baggage on your flight. On top of this, the exterior of this bag is made of Terylene polyester which makes it very durable.

To add to its list of features, you can move this luggage comfortably thanks to its four dual wheels. The wheels are easy to maneuver and don’t make any disturbing noises. Not only this, the bag is also equipped with a 22-inch wheel aboard and a garment bag that can roll.
In addition, you can comfortably hold the handle of this luggage due to its paddings. Your hands won’t get soar from pulling the bag all the way through the airport. On top of this, you can be assured about the safety of your belongings by locking the bag using its multi-stage locking mechanism.

Highlighted Features

- Strong dual wheels
- Strong handles
- Locking feature
- Upright case available
- Adequate room space

3. Ricardo Beverly Hills Ocean Drive 29-Inch Spinner Upright Suitcases, Silver

The third pick on our list is another A-listed production from Ricardo Beverly Hills. This one is made of virgin polycarbonate which makes the luggage very durable and sturdy. Hence, you won’t have to worry about airport security damaging your belongings.

On top of this, the handle of this luggage is comfortable to hold and is coated with vegan leather. So, if you are someone who is against animal abuse, you should definitely go for this luggage. Moreover, the mobility of this bag is excellent as its wheels have the ability to rotate in all directions.

You can easily lift this luggage and put it on the cabin of the flight due to its sturdy bottom. In addition, its zippers are durable and multi-functional. You can secure the zippers in place by locking away the luggage through its top-notch locking system. Not only this, the luggage comes with a separate pouch to store your wet clothes. This pouch is waterproof and won’t spoil your other belongings.

Highlighted Features

- 360 degrees rotating wheel system
- Handle wrapped with vegan leather
- Strong Locking system
- Two separate compartments
- Capacity of 124.7 liters

4. Ricardo Beverly Hills Malibu Bay 29-inch Spinner Upright Suitcase

Another masterpiece from Ricardo Beverly Hills is the Malibu Bay suitcase. This one comes in the stylish color of wine red and can add to your style statement. Its exterior is made up of high-quality polyester lining that gives you maximum durability. Thus, you won’t have to worry about mishandling of your baggage.

Another amazing feature of this product is its lightweight. But that does not mean that the packing capacity of this bag is any small. You will have plenty of room capacity to keep all your belongings but while carrying the luggage, you won’t feel a thing.

In addition, you can have expanded room for packing by zipping open its other cases that are available inside the main compartment. Not only this, its wheels have the capacity to move in all directions and provide you with maximum maneuverability. And in case you want to carry handy items that you will need to take out now and then, the bag comes with external zipped pockets.

Highlighted Features

- Double wheel system
- Sturdy handle
- No separate locking mechanism
- Multiple exterior pockets
- Expandable packing room

5. Ricardo Beverly Hills Luggage Rodeo Drive 21-Inch 4-Wheel Expandable Wheelaboard, Anthracite, One Size

Last but not the least, the Rodeo Drive from Ricardo Beverly Hills is no less than its alternatives mentioned on this list. This suitcase too comes with adequate space where you can fit in all your belongings.

The exterior of this luggage is made of a textured film which does not wither to scratches. It is also fully water resistant. Moreover, the fabric coating the luggage is made of Nano-Tex which further protects the interior items.

The exterior of this luggage is shiny and resistant to all sorts of travel stress. Thus, you can use this luggage for a long time. Not only this, carrying this suitcase around is easy as well due to its sturdy handle. The handle fits on the palm of your hands and provides you with convenient mobility.

The corners of this luggage are coated with polypropylene which further enhances its longevity. Thus, no amount of travel stress can damage the content inside this suitcase. The wheels are also engineered in such a way that they will move in all directions with ease without making any noise.

Highlighted Features

- Expandable 4 wheels
- Curved handle to fit your palms
- Protective corner guards
- Adequate room space

What to Look for When Buying

A luggage is one of the most important pieces of articles to have before travelling. If the luggage does not come with proper utility, no matter how fancy it looks, it is completely useless.

Depending on the type of transport you are going to take, like a long drive by a car, a train journey or a flight, the luggage should tick off some specific characteristics. So, without further ado, let’s take a look at the checklist that you need to confirm the luggage you are purchasing meets:

Capacity of the Luggage

This is the most important aspect of a luggage. No matter how fancy your baggage looks, it needs to have adequate room space to accommodate all of your must have items.

Although trains and buses don’t have a strict regulation on baggage capacity, airlines come with an extra fee if your luggage crosses a certain limit. So, it is an absolute necessity to purchase a suitcase that has enough room to contain all your belongings without adding much to the weight.

Weight of the Luggage

Make sure to weigh down the luggage before you purchase it. As you know, airlines have certain regulations in terms of the maximum amount of weight you can carry free of charge. So, buy a suitcase that itself is light enough when empty and won’t add to the weight of your clothes and its inside content.


The material that your luggage is made of determines its durability. If a luggage is made of cheap fabric, mishandling or travel stress can totally destroy it. This will not only spoil your travel experience but also add an additional expense to your budget.

Therefore, it is recommended that you buy something which is made of nylon or leather depending on your budget.

Additional Features

Other additional aspects to look at before purchasing a luggage are its wheels, handle, zipper quality, extra pockets, lock system and so on. Make sure to buy a luggage that has a comfortable handle which won’t cause a sore to your hands. In addition, check the wheels of the luggage and see if they are sturdy or not.

They should also be able to rotate in all directions. Last but not the least, check the quality of the zippers and see if they are durable or not.

About the Brand

Ricardo Beverly Hills is a travel lifestyle company that is on a mission to provide quality luggage, bags and travel accessories to inspire people to explore the world.

Their design and inspiration are linked to the west coast lifestyle to match the state of mind for exploration and travel.

Now let’s take a look at what makes Ricardo Beverly Hills a brand that stands out from the rest.


The luggage manufactured by Ricardo Beverly Hills provide maximum durability due to their sturdy construction. They are usually made of long-lasting materials such as polycarbonate.
This protects the bags from all kinds of travel stress, strain marks and also makes them resistant to water. However, the company makes no compromise in terms of its weight. The luggage is extremely lightweight despite their sturdy construction. All the products are stylish, trendy, lightweight and sturdy. 

Easy Maneuverability

Ricardo Beverly Hills equip their luggage with high quality dual wheels. These wheels can be maneuvered in all directions. Moreover, the wheels don’t make any disturbing noise during movement.

In addition, the handles of all the suitcases manufactured by this company are designed in such a way that you are provided with maximum comfort while holding it.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is the Ricardo Beverly Hills luggage brand any good?

While this brand doesn’t get the perfect score for durability, its standard is pretty high up the ladder. If you were to compare it with the other name brands like Samsonite or Delsey, they have the same durability as the Ricardo Beverly Hills luggage

2. Who is the founder of this brand?

Ricardo Beverly Hills was founded in 1978 by Richard “Ricardo” Gibbs in Beverly Hills. This brand is situated in California. Now, this brand is a global leader in the luggage and travel accessories specializing in innovation and design, as well as marketing

3. Is Ricardo affiliated with other brands?

Yes. While the corporate headquarters is at the greater Seattle area, they also own proprietary brands like Stephanie Johnson, American Explorer, Skyway as well as Ricardo Beverly Hills


Ricardo Beverly Hills has consistently maintained its quality over the years. That is why they are such a well-known brand when it comes to producing some of the best luggage in the market.

This article provides you with a comprehensive and well-reviewed list of 5 of their best products. Therefore, next time you face confusion about which luggage to purchase, refer back to this Ricardo Beverly Hills Luggage Review.


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