Top 5 Samsonite Luggage Reviews And Buying Guide Updated 2021

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past 20 years, we’re confident that you’ve heard or seen bags from Samsonite. A name that we can confidently claim as one of the biggest names in the luggage industry. Known for their, high-quality innovative luggage ideas available at affordable prices.

If you are in the market to get yourself a new bag, we’d be glad to recommend one from Samsonite, however, considering their huge product lines it might become difficult to decide. Thus, so you don’t get overwhelmed we’ve designed this Samsonite Luggage Review.

We hope this review helps you find your traveling partner, something that you’ll get associated with for a large number of adventures, for decades to come.

Top 5 Samsonite Luggage Reviews

Before you do go in to buy yourself a bag, it’s important that you take a step back to understand your need. This will help you choose between the large variety of bags that the company has to offer.

1. Samsonite Omni

If you’re looking for a bag that tops itself at functionality while also incorporating stunning futuristic designs, then you don’t have to scroll any further. The Omni from Samsonite is one of their leading products, topping the charts and quickly becoming a consumer favorite.

It uses top of the line material for the outer shell, a textured 100% polycarbonate shell provides the necessary rigidity and durability to the product, meaning the bag is equipped to deal with extensive drops and falls. Moreover, this polycarbonate shell also provides that lightness to the bag which Samsonite is widely known for.

The micro-diamond texture of the bags shells helps keeps the bag safe from scratches, while also allowing the already vibrant colors to pop out even more. Moreover, the company makes sure to provide an abundance of color selections, thus having something available for everyone.

For maneuverability the bag offers four 360-degree spinner wheels, these wheels are designed to help you get through almost any nook and corner with ease. Moreover, these wheels are made using high-quality materials, allowing you to smoothly run your bag on any surface, be that the hotel carpet or airport tile.

The bag may be a bit expensive, however, the feature included on this really make up for this price, for example, each bag is equipped with a TSA-approved locking mechanism and theft-proof zippers to ensure safety.

Key Features

- Extensive Security applications
- High-grade aluminum handle bar 
- 360-degree spinning wheels
- Drop Resistant outer shell
- Scratch-proof texture 

2. Samsonite Winfield 2

Rolling around with a Samsonite bag by itself boost your confidence, however, there’s something really unique about the Winfield 2 edition that does more than just boost confidence.

Boasting a modernistic design, that sets the bag apart from most other products in the market, moreover it also provides functionality, as the grooves prevent the bag from getting scratched up during travel. Thus, preventing you from scoffing up the bags of glossy paint.
The suitcase moreover, features Samsonites high-grade 360-degree spinner wheels, these paired with the aluminum handlebar, provide the smoothest and most comfortable ride. You’ll also get a top and side handlebar, making it even more convenient to carry your luggage.

When you’re considering buying a suitcase, its inner capacity plays great importance. In the case of the Winfield 2, the bag comes with an extreme abundance of packing capacity, this added with the additional zipper pouches and straps, helps you stay organized while also fitting in all your luggage comfortably.

Overall the bag shows great quality in its making as well, its polycarbonate shell keeps it safe from extreme tension during mishandling, thus making sure the bag lasts you for the long haul. It might be a bit expensive than most other bags, however it’s an investment that’ll pay off over the years.

Key Features

- Innovative Design
- Vibrant Color choice 
- Smooth mobility
- Tough build-up 
- Large luggage capacity

3. Samsonite Freeform

With Samsonite, they like to give you the best experience, while also making sure all the functional needs are fulfilled. However, for the Freeform series, Samsonite seems to be more focused on the aesthetical aspects of the product while maintaining the functionality at the same top-notch standard.

The shape of the bag doesn’t follow with regular luggage, it’s a more rectangular shape giving that unique appearance. Although, what really going to get heads to turn is the modern threaded design with the subtle logo positioning in the middle, while also incorporating the premium color shades.

Moreover, these threads also serve a purpose, they’re designed to keep that premium paint from being scratched up due to mishandling. Taking about mishandling the polypropylene used on the outer shell of the bag provides excellent resistance from drops and bumps, while also keeping the bag light.

While the bag is light when empty, it can be a bit of hassle when full, however, that wouldn’t be much of a problem to you given the large spinner wheels included. Added you also get a fairly large handle for pulling the bag around, the large size and its aluminum build, allow for both a comfortable and premium gripping.

The bag further features other things as well, such as a completely lined interior with zipper pouches. You’ll also be getting a TSA-certified locking system ensuring the bags' security. All these features help make the pricing of the product seem quite justifiable.

Key Features

- Exceptional Design
- Lightweight and durable build
- 360 spinner wheels 
- Premium inner lining 
- TSA certified locking system

4. Samsonite Aspire Xlite

If you find Polycarbonate bags to look a bit informal, and you’re looking for something more flexible and classier, while also keeping quality intact. Then the Aspire Xlite is the rolling wheels that you’re looking for, coming with the same promises and build quality of Samsonite, guaranteeing a good quality product.

Rather than polycarbonate, the bag uses the second-best alternative in the market, which is polyester. This material might be a tad bit softer than the others, however, the company makes sure to consistently provide quality luggage, that keeps the baggage durable for a long time.

A major advantage of using polyester would be the ability to add a large number of pouches to the bag. These pouches allow you to increase the bag's capacity while also helping you be organized. Moreover, this bag also features expansion technology allowing you to increase the bag's overall capacity.

Movability is an issue that Samsonite deals with quite effectively, their 360-spinner wheels make for effortless movement of the bag, regardless of the flooring being smooth or not. The push-button handle system adds to this, by making easier and fairly comfortable to pull the bag around.

The interiors of the bag are completely lined with premium fabrics, zipper pouches, and tie-down elastics, all in all, helping to make your traveling cleaner and organized. While the price of the product is affordable, it might a little expensive compared to other similar-sized products in the market.

Key Features

- Expandability tech
- 360-spinner wheels
- Durable and sturdy material
- Top and bottom padded handlebar
- Organizing pouches

5. Samsonite F’lite GT

One of the most unique bags coming from Samsonite is the F’lite series, not only is the bag-shaped in a peculiar form, but it also uses a fairly different trolley mechanism. This is done to allow the bag to store the highest capacity luggage in the most convenient of forms.
The bag features a 100% polypropylene textured shell, providing the bag with a sizeable amount of protection. The bag boasts an exceedingly great durability factor, with the textured shell keeping the bag away from scratches and scuff marks.

Sized at 31” the bag is pretty big, allowing you to store a large weight in luggage, however, to be able to tackle this increase in weight the company has designed a unique trolley system. Using two large and two smaller 360-degree wheels, letting you pull the bag in an angled form while also having it stand straight.

At such angles any normal handle-bar wouldn’t be able to support such a large bag, which is why the F’lite uses a specially designed monotube handle-bar. Acting as a support for the entire bag and allowing you to pull it with ease.

The inner panel of the bag may not feature lining; however, they still include zipper panels and tie-on elastic, keeping the contents of the bag from moving and being organized. With the number of km's, you’ll be able to get out of this bag you’ll find these prices quite justifiable

Key Features

- Monotube push-button handle
- Large capacity 
- Systematic organizing 
- High-quality wheels 
- Extreme quality product

What to Look for When Buying

For us buying luggage is a form of ritual, it’s something that shouldn’t take place very often, and when it must you must do it right. However, the process can turn gruesome if you don’t know what you want, and that’s where we come in:


One of the most subjective factors when it comes to purchasing a suitcase, most suitcases come in a variety of different sizes. These range from small carry-on sizes, to one’s you can use for moving to another city. You can also purchase an entire set of 3-4-piece luggage, thus allowing you to maintain an aesthetic appeal.

However, you must also consider the inner capacity of the bag, some bag may just look for show and not hold much. Try to steer clear of such bags, as they’ll only increase weight while also increasing cost.


If you’ve traveled before, you know how airlines treat luggage, even with the fragile tag there’s always a huge chance your bag might be damaged. There isn’t much you can do about the airline, however what you can do is take charge and stay prepared.

When you’re choosing a bag, we’d recommend one that comes with a 100% polycarbonate shell, these shells are equipped to handle the blunt force of mishandling, keeping both the suitcase and its content safe. They may not be aesthetically pleasing; however, they will function exceptionally.


One of the most important factors involved with any luggage would be your ability to get it from point A to point B. You could use the traditional way, that is to carry the bag yourself, however considering this is the 21st century there are better ways to get the job done.

Most luggage’s feature wheels and a push-button handle system, these give you the ability to glide through the airport without a hitch. However, make sure you’re using spinner wheels for smoother rolling, and an aluminum handle frame to keep the bag light and durable.


When it comes to buying a new bag, it’s always important to have a look at some of the extra features coming along with it. One of the more important ones would be the locking systems, you’ll want to one with a locking mechanism to keep your valuables secures from unethical airline staff.

Another important feature to keep an eye out for would be the expandability function, it should really come in handy when an airline limits the number of bags you can check-in. The expandability should allow you to increase your bag's capacity by an extra 20-25 percent.

About the brand

An American company with history that spans back to more than a 100years, following their American heritage and ideologies, for Quality and Functionality. These ideologies haven’t been forgotten and are followed to this day on a worldwide scale.

Samsonite is now the top brands leading the industry of travel luggage, creating the highest quality product, using the most efficient technology and premium materials, at an affordable price. While also providing products that meet the lifestyle choice of their various customers.


Any traveling experience is incomplete without the right partner, sometime this partner comes with four wheels and is made out of plastic. Regardless, it's important you choose your partner carefully, thus we hope this Samsonite Luggage review helps you find that right partner.


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