Top 5 Skyway Luggage Reviews And Buying Guide Updated 2021

Do you like traveling? Then having a perfect bag is very important considering you would always need all your important and necessary stuff in one place for you to find. Skyway luggage has brought a great collection of bags for you to choose from, to make your life a lot easier. And this article has taken the responsibility to bring it to light for you.

Doesn’t matter this is your first time purchasing a luggage or you are just here to exchange your rugged bag into a new one. This article here is about to answer you with all the, in the box and out of the box, questions for you about this luggage. 

Top 5 skyway luggage reviews

It can be hard to know all the information and choosing the right bag for you. Do not worry; you are exactly in the right place. Because this article is about to provide you all the necessary and unnecessary information to help you make your decision right and better for yourself.

After a lot of surveys and researches, this article jotted down five best skyway luggage for you to choose from. So, without any more wait, let’s dive into the ocean and find your perfect pearl.

1. Skyway Luggage Epic Expandable Carry On, Black

The first on the list is an exceptional product that is well known for its effortless use as well as its affordability. Let's just say this luggage checks out the first two most important criteria off the list. That is the reason why it is well appreciated in the market as well. The fabric used in this product is said to be 100% polyester, which guarantees resistance to stain and easy clean.

The skyway luggage makes sure that all your traveling needs and desires for luggage are completed. So, they put in their work together to create some unique features to make your traveling days without any hitches and annoyance.

As you already know, it's the expandable luggage, so let this article inform you that this luggage expands up to 2 inches making spaces for your necessary items. Extra straps are being provided so that your things can be held down and stopped from flying off and making your bag messy.

Mesh pockets are also present inside the luggage for your help. Sometimes you may be gone for too long or may have many things to carry with you; in that case, just one bag is not enough.

That's alright, too, because this product gives your extra straps, which allows you to strap down another second bag on top of your luggage without any problem. Zippers are provided, which are very strong. This product is also paying attention to your safety and offering you with padded handles on your luggage’s front and side.

They have been so persistent in making your traveling period comfortable and happy that they just kept adding more and more. This Skyway luggage offers you with front zippered large pocket mainly for your laptop or tablet, and also a front zippered small pocket for any little items that you must be carrying with you. As they are in the front, they are easily accessible too.

Overall, it's the best traveling buddy you can find; it's the two-wheeled carry-on luggage with a dimension of 21x14x17 inches and weighs approximately 6 pounds. It's a soft-sided luggage that will ensure you of no disappointments. 


- Affordable
- Extra straps available
- Ergonomic handles


- No spinner wheels
- Only available in two colors 

2. Epic 2W 28" 2W Expandable Upright

The word “Epic’’ is mostly used for this particular product as it is well known to make a traveler’s trip very comfortable and enjoyable. It is a lightweight stylish luggage that appeals to people not only by its outlook but with its features as well. Hence the term; epic.

Cleaning your bag on a trip is bothersome, but then again, you also would not want a dirty bag while you travel from place to place. Keeping that in mind, this product is made of excellent and unique durable fabric, which lets your luggage avoid any kind of abrasion or scratching, keeping your bag 100% new all the time. This feature protects your bag from any kind of harms or stains.

Retractable ergonomic pull-handles with multi-locking mechanisms are provided, which allows you to set itself to any height you are comfortable with while moving your luggage. Tie-down straps are there for you to adjust your clothes in proper order so that they do not fall off their compartments and get your whole bag messy.

While packing, you must always feel the need to squeeze in some more; maybe that stuff is not that important to take in with you on a trip. But just for emotional sake, you would want to take them along. Let’s not worry; this product has it covered as well.

It expands itself to two inches more for you to put your necessary and unnecessary things squeezed in together. Perfect zippered mesh useful pockets are offered in case you needed to separate your laundry clothes and washed clothes while you are in the middle of a trip.
This factor is not the end, though; this product is just a gift on giving. It offers you extra straps so that in case you have more important things to carry or you are about to bring souvenirs from where you have been, these straps allow you to attach another second bag on top of your luggage. Handles with padding system for comfortable lifting and moving are provided for you with your luggage.


- Exterior effective fabric lining
- Multi-stage retractable handles
- Expands 2-inches


- No Locks Provided
- Only available in one color

3. Skyway Luggage Mirage Superlight, Maritime Blue, One Size

The third on the list is known to be one of the best light-weighted luggage on the skyway industry. It is made very neatly with extreme sophistication; every single premium lightweight material used to prepare this luggage is chosen with great care. This luggage is suitable when traveling with families, and babies even, it saves you the trouble of carrying a heavy bag with you all the time.

Killer spinner wheels are provided, which makes moving from place to place as well as the pushing and pulling of your bag easier. So you can shake the headache of carrying your luggage off your head. Because this lightweight baggage with excellent spinner wheels is here to make your traveling experience nothing but enjoyable.

Just like we are a sucker for free foods, having something free within your luggage's mechanism must be very amusing and exciting as well. So, let this article inform you that this luggage is constructed in a way that just by zipping down the chains, you could increase the space capacity.

Moreover, this product is very much helpful for packing souvenirs with you or extra gifts that you may want to bring from the places you are traveling to. Side-carry handles are there to give guidance while carrying or moving anything from the luggage or with the luggage.

These handles are strong and dependable to use, so you can sleep peacefully at night with the thought that at least this won't ever bring hiccup to your peaceful, enjoyable journey.
Many times, there is an occurrence of losing things or small items playing hide and seek in between all your big items. You don't want to be late for a meeting or a dinner party just because you couldn't find your belt or undergarment or a tie even, just because you packed them with your other thing in the big compartment.

That would be such a waste of time. This product offers you small mesh pockets, which allows you to keep your small items packed together for you to find them easily, to save you from that hard work. 


- Lightweight
- Extra mesh pockets
- Retractable handles 


- No locks provided
- Heavy items need to be packed at the bottom of the bag, so it does not trip over.

4. Skyway Nimbus Expandable Upright, Silver

This product is made for extreme mobility; it offers you smooth moving either pushed, pulled, or walked sidewise. It is made up of a first-rated polymer that ensures the protection of your belongings inside the luggage. This product has a dimension of about 28x20x10.5 inches.

For packing purposes, expandable stretching spaces are provided so that you can put all your things safely and together. Literally with a simple pull on the zipper can make required space capacity for you. Soft gel handles in the corner, which makes grabbing the handle as well as moving from place to place very easy and without any hitches.

This luggage is designed in a way that opening the compartments feels like you are opening a book, and both sides have sufficient spaces for you to distribute and place your belongings accordingly.

This way, things stay systemized and also separated into two compartments. Spacious zippered mesh pockets are provided for you to keep your small items in them in case they did not get lost somehow in the piles of large items you put in your bag.

Retractable handles are there to make moving easy and dependable; these handles come along with feature likes multiple locking mechanisms which allow you to lock your handle in any height you are comfortable with. These are the presence of zipper puller and self-repairing zippers, which are there to let you have a smooth process.

Extra straps are here to keep your belongings on their places; they help your items avoid being wrinkled or messy in case there were heavy jerks or too much moving. Tests are taken for checking the luggage's toughness and dependability.


- First-rated polymer used in manufacturing
- Soft gel corner handle
- Book-like compartments


- No Locks Provided
- No spinner wheels provided 

5. Skyway Epic Luggage Expandable Upright, Black

This epic product is last on the list, and it’s made with special qualities for packing and getting along well while traveling. The two most popular demand features that anyone who is looking for a new luggage would want is; enough space capacity and wheels, which allows your luggage to move freely without any kind of hitches on the way. Well, this product is here not to disappoint you.

For having a smooth movement with your luggage, there are retractable handles with a multi-locking mechanism that allows you to adjust your handle to whatever height is comfortable enough for you. Moreover, tie-down straps are provided for keeping your clothes or any belongings into places and in order.

As space is concerned, this luggage expands up to 2 inches making more space for your items to be placed on. Additionally, there are zipped mesh effective pockets present, which allow you to separate your clean clothes from your laundry clothes, while you are infrequent traveling process.

Want some more exciting features? Then here you get another; this product affords you to have extra straps, which let you attach another second bag on top of your luggage for better packing or if needed while you want to bring some souvenirs or gifts home from the place you are traveling to.

Just pushing, pulling or gliding is not enough sometimes, you will need to carry your luggage to some places as well. In that case, having a padded top-carry handle serves to comfort and smooth handling while traveling.


- Expandable to 2 inches
- Multi-stage retractable handle
- Padded top carry handle 


- No locks provided
- No spinner wheels provided

Why Skyway Luggage?

The answers lie within this article; you must have acknowledged the importance of a perfect luggage which is very much required while you are planning to have a trip to some faraway place. And having all the necessary features is just as important. Skyway luggage put their heart on their products to make it just right for their travelers.

Comfort and Style are the two most important aspects of any luggage. Skyway luggage has neatly taken care of it all. Its effective features and unique outlooks are what have pulled you to read this article in the first place. This company is famous for its manufacturing of lightweight luggage at very affordable prices.

To understand the manufacture of this luggage better, let look more into Skyway Luggage. Skyway luggage is owned by Ricardo Beverly Hills-based in the USA. Their journey started with creating their first-ever rolling luggage to now Skyway has come a long way. Like their luggage/suitcases are well known to be the best lightweight as well as very affordable on the market.

Their durability and reliability are commendable and has been praised all over the world. Despite all that, the company has always maintained to stay humble and did not raise its budget. They upheld their affordability.

And we cannot end the article without mentioning their features like expanding spaces, the retractable handles with multi-locking mechanism, soft gel handles in the corner. Skyway Luggage has always put their travel's choice and heart first.

Finals Words

Here you are, ready to purchase your brand-new Skyway luggage. This article hopes that by now, you have made up your mind on which brand is the one for you, and without any wait, you will place your purchasing as soon as you read the last word of this article. Order your preferable luggage and have a healing and safe trip.


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