Top 5 SwissGear Luggage Review And Buying Guide Updated 2021

When you think Swiss, the first thing that pops up to mind would be their chocolate or their watches, however, over the years they’ve made a name for themselves in the traveling gear side as well.

All coming through a company that set up during 1893 as a knife factory, and since then has moved on to performing great feats. One of their greatest feats being setting up a state-of-the-art luggage section, however, the number of products they make is astounding.

Which is why we’ve designed this SwissGear Luggage Review for you. This should help eliminate any luggage-related question you may have and help you decide.

Top 5 Swissgear Luggage Review

SwissGear is a vast company, producing a diversified range of products, which is why top help you find the best luggage, we’ve pinpointed the top 5. This should help you make a decision easily without having to overthink it.

1. SwissGear 6283 3-Piece Suitcase Set

With the Swiss functionality has always been key, however, the 6283 has its focus on much more. Softside bags may not come with the best protection, although they do provide a classy and elegant look. Additionally, they also allow for better capacity utilization, as manufacturers can add outer pouches.

The 6283 is made using the toughest polyester in the market, this enables it to stay durable, so you can rest assured the bag isn’t going show up all torn on the luggage belt. However, the polyester makes sure to allow for flexibility, this lets you stuff up the bag to quite an extent.

Although the outer surface is secure, the company doesn’t like to take chances, which is why the inner surface comes padded to keep your belongings safe and secure.
Additionally, the bags make sure to focus on capacity utilization, the interior of the bag includes mesh pouches, while the outer side comes with an extra zipper pouch. Allowing you to not only increase capacity but also making sure your luggage remains organized. 
Mobility of the bag is ensured using a set of high-quality spinner wheels, these are designed to work alongside the aluminum push-button handlebar system, allowing you to move through any floor surface smoothly and with grace. The only problem we’ve found is the price, being a bit steep even when purchasing a 3-set bag.

Key Features

- Padded top and side handles 
- 360-degree spinner wheels
- Aircraft-grade aluminum handlebar
- Expandability function
- Top grade polyester 

2. SwissGear 7366 3-Piece Suitcase Set

Hardside bags may not look great, although they should be your first choice if you’re considering taking a ceramic vase back home. SwissGears 7366 hardside bag sets are the top of the line products, that shouldn’t be taken lightly.

These bags feature the best in class ABS grade polycarbonate, giving the bag the ability to take on almost any form of beating without allowing anything to happen to your valuables. The outer shell also includes a co-molded soft rubber grip handle which is certified to take an extreme amount of pull-stress.

 For mobility purposes the company has included the best in class 360-degree multi-directional spinner wheels. These large wheels allow you to maneuver your bag along almost any surface without a hitch.

Moreover, the wheels are paired up with a premium quality push-button handlebar, the handlebar further features a steel locking system. Allowing you get the bag out of any corner with ease, while also making sure you don’t have to put in extra effort carrying the bag.

Additionally, you’re also getting tie-down straps and zipper pouches to keep your luggage organized, and safe. Talking about safety the bags also come with TSA certified lock, to keep your valuables safe.

Key Features

- 360-degree spinner wheels
- Zipper pouches and tie-down straps 
- Aluminum handlebar
- ABS polycarbonate shell
- Soft rubber handle grips

3. SwissGear Travel Gear 6283

If you’re looking for a bag to accompany you on a business trip, then you’ve stopped at the right review. Putting both class and functionality together the 6283’s one of the top bags from SwissGear recommended for business purposes.

Starting from its aesthetic appeal, the bag is designed in a way to cater best to those traveling on business, with its grey color adding a more premium appeal to the bag. The bag also makes sure to make things convenient for those traveling, such as the included small outer pouch allowing travelers to place their documents.

Moving forward the bag also makes sure to keep mobility at top of the convenience scale, a crucial factor for those traveling for business as carrying your bag doesn’t set a good impression. For this, the bag includes a 360-degree spinner wheel system that keeps the bag upright and assists in the smooth movement.

Moreover, mobility is further taken care of using the solid aluminum frame handlebar system included, this push-button system comes with a locking telescopic handle allowing you to adjust the height according to your preference.

Don’t worry the makers haven’t forgotten about durability either, the bag uses high-grade polyester to form the outer shell, which is known for both its durability and flexibility. Additionally, they’ve also made sure to provide padded handles, keeping them from tearing off due to overweight luggage.

Key Features

- Smooth mobility 
- Reinforced top and side handles
- Aesthetic appeal 
- Lightweight polyester 
- Large storage capacity

4. SwissGear Sion Suitcase

The market for compact carry-on bags is a tremendous one, you may assume these bags don’t need much protection, however, most forget about how overhead storages are stuffed up by inattentive passengers. Which is why we’re here to prove why the Sion is the perfect bag to fit your carry-on needs.

First and foremost, capacity, most people go on a shopping frenzy when they reach the duty-free section of any airport, however, having to carry all those duty-free bags may seem like a hassle. The Sion comes in to save the day, with its large storage space and expandability functions that allow it to open up an extra 2” s. 
Additionally, the bag also comes paired with extra outer pouches, these allow you to keep your essentials so you can easily get to them during long haul flights, these extra chains further allow you to be organized by letting you keep your documents in specific compartments.

Furthermore, you wouldn’t have to get a trolley to help you carry around your bag since the bag already comes with 360-degree spinner wheels and a lightweight aluminum handlebar system, allowing you to glide through the duty-free shops gracefully.
On the durability end, the bag features a top of the line polyester fabric, this makes sure the passenger stuffing his bag above yours doesn’t damage your chocolates, the fabric also provides flexibility letting you really use the bag to its full potential.

Key Features

- The durable and flexible outer shell
- Smooth running wheel and handlebar system
- Expandability function
- Lightweight baggage 
- Reinforced top and side handles

5. SwissGear 6283 Exclusive & Premium 3-Piece Suitcase Set

If you’re purchasing the most premium line from SwissGear, things might get quite difficult on your wallet, however, all that would be worth it taking into account what you’re getting in return. Suitcases are an investment, and this 3-set suitcase might just be the best travel investment you make for you and your partner.

The 6283 Premium line is designed to not only help you catch a few looks; it’s also made to serve practicality. Being designed using the toughest polyester on the market, the bags can handle almost any bump or fall; while also being flexible, allowing you to increase the bags capacity.

With this solid structure you’re also getting a set of handles feature on the top and the side of the bag, letting you carry the bag with zero fear of it breaking due to stress.
Internally the bags are in top shape as well, the abundant space, the mesh zipper pouches, and the additional toiletries kit add to keeping the bag organized and fully utilized its space, moreover, the internals is lined using a premium fabric giving a royal feel.

Apart from their smooth functioning wheel system and lightweight handlebar system, the bags have one more trick up their sleeves, this would be the bags extremely dashing and classy looks. Coming in royal colors such as grey, pewter, and black really help strike up a demand regardless of their price.

Key Features

- Stunning looks 
- Outer and inner zipper pouches 
- High-tech maneuverability system 
- Zippered expansion system
- Durable material 

What to Look for When Buying

So, you’re considering buying luggage! However, before you do make your choice, we’d like to provide you with a set of factors, our recommendation is to take these factors into account and see which one works best for you.


One of the major factors that come to mind while selecting luggage is size, while it's only normal to buy a bag that allows you to fit all your clothes, keep in mind a few things. First of all, you must consider buying for the long run than the short run, second the frequency of the trips and lastly the longevity one the one’s you have planned.

Make sure to keep these in mind before making the final decision, however we would recommend buying set-pieces rather than single ones. This gives you the freedom to choose according to the trip while saving your trip from future market lookouts. 

Aesthetic Appeal

Choosing the right bag has more to do with how it actually looks, than the functions it has to offer. Most people wouldn’t want to carry around a bag that doesn’t match their colors or designs. Thus, making this an important aspect to have a lookout for while choosing your luggage.

Make sure your bag matches the purpose you’re buying it for, for example, those purchasing the bag for business purposes require one that shows both class and have a formal appeal, nothing that involves bright colors.


Most materials that make up a bag perform the same functions; they keep the bag away from harm's way by handling the pressures of mishandling and also keeping it light and scratch-free. Even though most of these materials do the same task, it important you recognize ones that do the best job.

Our recommended material to go for would be polycarbonate, this paired with ABS gives your bag the ability to stay in shape while handling the highest level of pressure. Although quite a few bags also use, known polyester, this doesn’t provide the same level of durability however, it does have an added benefit of flexibility.


To keep your luggage moving from one point to another poses an extreme amount of importance, even though most airports come with trolleys for one person carrying multiple bags things would get very inconvenient.

Learning from that most bags now come with a pair of in-line skate wheels or a four-set of multi-directional spinner wheels. If we had to choose one from these two, we’d select the latter, since it allows you to move the bag while holding it upright, allowing you better grip on the bag and a smoother movement.

About the Brand

SwissGear, as the name suggests originates from Switzerland and is one of the most diversified company the country has to offer. The company for decades has been creating top of the line travel product, each product catered specifically to making traveling simpler, safer and stylish.

While the company has been performing great in most markets, its luggage market has seen staggering growth over the years. This has come by due to the constant drive for innovation, functionality, and aesthetics from the company's end, thus driving the name up with the top category brands.


These days even choosing the simplest of task can be extremely overwhelming, which is why we try to provide the most reliable SwissGear luggage review. Giving you an idea of what you need and helping you make the right decision. 


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