Top 5 Olympia Luggage Review And Buying Guide Updated 2021

Traveling can be taken as a hobby, or it can also be for business. Either way, the first thing that you need to make your traveling easier is a luggage to carry all your important stuff with you. You don’t want to travel to a faraway place and think of that one important thing that you had to leave behind just because your bag wasn’t spacious enough to squeeze in one more. That would just ruin the mood, won’t it?

Do not worry; here in this article, you are about to be introduced to some of the most stylish, smart, and durable luggage, which will confirm your trip without a headache of leaving anything important behind. So, without much ado, let's dig deeper into this article to know all the information about this exceptional luggage brand.

Top 5 Olympia Luggage Reviews

Getting yourself any normal luggage is a piece of cake, all you have to do is choose and buy one. However, if you wish to get yourself the best and easy to handle luggage, you surely need to give some effort. The effort will involve lots of research and references from people you know.

But you don't have to bother yourself so much, as you have already found this article. And this article will guarantee you with all the information you need in one go. After much research and various surveys, we have narrowed down five best Olympia luggage reviews for you to check them out and decide if you want to purchase any.

1. Olympia Apache 3pc Hard case Spinner

This very advanced Olympia Apache luggage is very exceptional in a sense it comes in a variety of sizes and outlooks. So you get the full liberty to choose your preferred size and even the color of the luggage for you to look even more stylish in your own way.
Having luggage too big or heavy can bring chaos to your journey, considering it won't easy for you to move from places to place. But that won't be an issue if you purchase this very luggage considering it comes with four wheels spinner, which makes moving smooth and easy.

Having all your important and necessary things into one bag is like a dream. So to make your dream come true, this product has brought together compartments in both sides upwards and downwards, with additional inner shoe pockets and net zip pockets. Moreover, it's also tied up with an elastic belt for the safety of your own things.
For a better movement of your luggage, this product provides you with a push-button locking handle mechanism that allows you to lock the handle in whichever orientation you prefer. But don't worry about the weight of the luggage for it, because it is made out of aluminum, which is relatively a lighter metal.

As mentioned above that Apache luggage offers a variety of sizes and forms, to ensure your needs are met properly. The sizes are mainly available in 21x14x9, 25x17x10, and 29x19x12 inches. 

Pros :

Various Sizes Provided
Very affordable
Additional compartments are provided in supplementary areas

Cons :

No Locks Provided
Only one position is offered while locking the wheel handle

2. Olympia Checked-Large

Sometimes for some people, maintaining their suave is essential, so keeping that mind this product is much appreciated. As it is very stylish and trendy for people to look at. This smart, durable, and lightweight box of wonder have many other features that are very satisfying. Let's look deep into the features even further in this article.
If you are regularly using your luggage for travel purposes, you would have to worry about cleaning it, considering it is going to be wandering a lot in places that are probably unclean. But no need to worry because this product is 100% polyester, which is an industry-standard, this property of this luggage helps it to be stain-resistant, which makes cleaning your luggage very easy.

To make moving easy, this luggage provides you with a 360-degree spinning dual wheels, which makes moving and going from places to places easier. The rolls in the wheels work quite well, which will avoid any hitches in your journey.
Humans tend to be selfish and greedy; they always want more. Imagine getting more than the space that you were expecting. This product ensures that all your luggage desires come true. It provides you with 2 inches extra stretching to maximize your compartment space. Furthermore, it affords you the luxury of having a low-profile top with side-carry handles and also offers you two peripheral compartments so you can organize your luggage just the way you want.

On top of all that, this product has straps that hold down clothes so that they don't fly around and become messy. The lock push-button for retractable handle helps to move the handle in comfortably during storage. And as far as the sizes and dimensions are concerned, this product comes in 21x14x9 inches, and also has a capacity of 3100 cu in.

Pro :

100% Polyester
2 inches extra space

Cons :

No Lock Provided
Heavy compared to other small luggage

3. Olympia Carry-On, Red

The third on the list is this unique luggage with stunning fabric lining to make your luggage look classy to own, and also, it's made of two-tone 100% polyester, which makes it completely stain resistant. That is the reason why it is very easy to clean. Moreover, it comes with a zipper closure, which should be expected.

Too huge luggage can be an annoyance to carry sometimes. But there is nothing to worry about because this particular product has a dimension of 21 inches in height and 14 inches width-wise, so it's relatively smaller in size, which makes it suitable to carry along with you on business trips or short trips.

Having the comfort to move your luggage easily is basically one of the foremost points that you need to pay attention to while purchasing one. Let this article inform you that this product has 360-degree rotating dual spinners, which makes moving from place to place smooth and clean. Moreover, the rolls are effortless; all of these assures you that there will never be any kind of hitch on the way.

Packing your things properly and maintaining all the necessary items in one place is one of the properties of this good luggage. This luggage stretches to about 2 inches, making more space for your things. Including a low-profile top along with side-carry handles and two extra compartments on the outside for easy entree to necessary stuff.

For even better packing quality, this product provides you with straps that hold down your clothes in proper order, and also, the interior of the bag is very sophisticated, which even gives the inside of your luggage an elegant look. On top of that, it comes with a retractable handle that can be locked with a push on the button.

Pros :

Smaller in size so easy to carry
Dual Spinners
2 inches exterior space

Cons :

No locks provided
Only available in one size

4. Olympia Carry-On, Black

If you are looking for a perfect travel buddy, then here is where you stop. Because the product that you are about to be introduced to right now is the perfect friend to travel with, as it’s suitable in all cases. Furthermore, this is an imported product, which means it’s transported into the country from aboard for selling purposes.

Traveling from place to place puts your luggage through many different custom services where you cannot be sure if those places are clean enough. And you surely would not want dirty luggage for the rest of the trip. So, to make your life a bit easier, this product is crafted with 100% polyester, which makes it stain-resistant and easy to clean. For effortless movement, this product comes with dual spinner wheels that can rotate 360 degrees.
Having all the important stuff put together in one bag is very convenient and also easy to carry. So to take all your luggage worries away, this product stretches more than 2 inches, making some space for your items. It also comes with a low-profile top along with side-carry handles. Moreover, it affords with two extra compartments for never having the annoyance of leaving anything behind just because of space.

For even better protection of your belongings, they come with extra straps that keep the things on your compartment tighten up into it so that they don’t fly off and become messy. The inside of the bag is also designed very elegantly.

The retractable handles come with a lock push button, which makes moving as well as the safety and protection of the bag during storage pretty much secure. And last but one the least, the dimension of your luggage is about 30x18x12 inches and also has a capacity of about 6800-cubic-inches

Pros :

Dual spinner wheels
Stretchy capacity
Extra hold-down straps are provided

Cons :

No Locks Provided
Kind of heavy considering other soft luggage

5. Olympia Checked-Large

Looking presentable is very important when it comes to business trips or any kind of trip. And, to look trendy in a wholesome way, you would need luggage to match your look. So here this article is about to introduce you to one of that very up-to-the-minute luggage for you to decide if it is purchase worthy.

This particular product is made in China, and the work behind it is done neatly and with proper attention. It’s said to be 100% polyester and the fabric used in the luggage is very elegant. Moreover, it is also built with two-tone polyester so you can find it in two different fabrics and colors. Here is where people get drawn to most where they can have the liberty to choose their preferred color and fabric along with the comfort of the luggage.
Zipper closures are there, as per the industry standard. When the measurements are concerned, let this article inform you that this product comes in dimensions of 30x14 inches, which makes the luggage comparatively bigger in size than other products in the market. So bigger luggage means more space for you to pack all your important things.
This product does not stop just here; it has the oath to offer you more and more, satisfying all your needs and desires of your luggage. They arrange for an expanding property of this product which helps you to pack a whopping 25% of necessary things.
Extra pockets are within and outside the luggage for easier organization of necessary things for you, such as; an external zipper pocket and also an internal zipped mesh pocket. From safer storage of your luggage, there is a presence of handle with a push-lock button.

Pros :

Enough pockets are provided
25% extra packing capacity
2-tone polyester 

Cons :

No Locks Provided
Can be heavy compared to other luggage

Why Olympia Luggage?

Why not Olympia luggage? When you read through this article, you will come across all the information you need to know before making the purchase. Luggage is an essential part of any kind of trip, and you need to have a comfortable yet stylish bag for you to present yourself as well as have a safe stay throughout your journey. And Olympia is providing you all that and more.

Let’s look deeper into the construction of the luggage for you to understand your future purchase better. Olympia is an international company that was situated in California and has been around us for almost three decades now. This company is well known for smart, durable, and comfortable yet stylish brands of luggage for their traveler's use.
As mentioned in the article above, Olympia is well-known for being stylish and trendy, and the best part is, the company tries to improve and make it better at each point. They are always thinking of making their luggage better and up to the trend. But despite all that, it does not disturb or bother its comfort or affordability.

Olympia luggage not only provides you with comfort features for your belongings but also orients them accordingly with style. The two things a person would expect for baggage of their own.
Not to mention the additional qualities of extra straps, expanding spaces, and the lock push-button of the retractable handle, let's just say Olympia luggage have always kept their customer's mind and needs first while crafting this stunning luggage.

Final Words

At the end of the article, it hopes that you have come to the conclusion which product is the most suitable for you, and as soon as you hit the cross button of this tab, you will be completely ready to make your purchase. Having a safe and comfortable yet healing and stylish journey is all that is offered by an Olympia luggage. So let's not wait any more, and decide on which is your preferable luggage.


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