Top 5 Rockland Luggage Review And Buying Guide Updated 2021

Enter your text here...Ready to lose yourself and go on a healing trip? While you decideto travel, the first and foremost thing you need to take care of is packing. And packing requires a perfect bag. To make an enjoyable trip without any chaos, what you need is a bag where you can put all your necessary things so that in case of survival, you have all the things you need just one hand away.

If you are reading this article, you are exactly in the right place. Because this article is about to inform you about everything you need to know about one of the best luggage in the market, it is here for you to decide which Rockland luggage will be the best choice for you. So, without much ado, let’s look deeper into all the information you need to know about the luggage. 

Top 5 Rockland luggage reviews

For any first timers, buying the perfect luggage would not be that easy. Whereas you would not know where to look or you may miss some of the important details in case of buying the luggage for yourself. But you don't have to worry, because this article will provide all the necessary information required for you.

This article has put down the five best Rockland luggage for you on a list to help you make your decisions without any flaws. So, let's not wait anymore and look at these products with a closer sight.

1. Rockland Expandable Abs Spinner Set, Charcoal

Having to carry a very heavy luggage with lots of things in it would be a headache to avoid those hitches. Rockland luggage has brought along this product, which is very well known to be light weight but extremely durable at the same time.

It is made of an ABS material, which always helps keep the condition of the luggage maintained and new. So even if you know it might go through many stresses during any kind of journeys, it will be in good condition later.

Smooth moving of your luggage makes it easier to handle, as you do not have to worry about pushing, pulling, or gliding of the luggage too hard while walking or moving from place to place. So, let this article enlighten you that this product comes with spinner wheels with a multi-directional feature. These wheels are so smooth on a floor that you would not have to worry about any kind of hitches on the way. 

Ergonomic enlarging handles are provided, which are mostly made of plastic, for stronger grip and easy handling. They have a push button so you can set it to your comfortable height. All of these features make sure that you are pushing, pulling or gliding goes smooth and effortless.

The model consists of an expandable feature; the name suggests it quite well. This article is here to tell you that your guess is absolutely on point, this product expands its space capacity for you to put your important things systematically together in one place. Mesh pockets on the inside and other small pockets are also provided with this luggage.

 If you are curious about the size by now, which you should be. The article is here to answer all your curious questions and state that the dimensions of this product are about 17x12x28 inches. It has good size for you to squeeze in all your necessary belongings.

Pros :

  • Expandable
  • ABS material used in construction
  • Multi-directional spinner wheels

  • Cons :

  • No Locks Provided
  • Exposing to high temperatures can cause a crack on the luggage.

  • 2. Rockland Melbourne 3 Pc Abs Luggage Set, Charcoal

    Here is a very superior product for you, it’s special in a sense it does not come in one piece, but it's a 3-piece set suitcase. Let's just say it is a great offer for a family trip. You know what they say, the more, the merrier. This unique product gives you three perfectly functioned bags with just one purchase. It has a dimension of about 20x24x28 inches.

    And this perfectly unique luggage comes along spinner wheels with a multi-directional feature, which allows it to slide while walking or pushing your luggage. Rough wheels could give you a hard time and ruin the whole traveling mood for good. But glad you don’t have to worry about it.

    Interior mesh zippered pockets are provided for you to keep your important or small items in them in case they got lost in a big pile of your big stuff. As mentioned before, this product tries to make your experience as smooth and enjoyable to the far you can think of.

    Telescopic handles which are made of aluminum are there, which gives you the liberty to put it in any height that you are comfortable with. They are there to make your move done without any annoyance and so that you can easily slide through the stress that your luggage goes through when it is on customs.

    One other exceptional quality of this luggage, which gets highly praised in the market is it is a very light weight, which allows it to be handled very easily. On top of that, this product is very durable, which means that the stuff in your luggage is always protected at all times. 


    Pro :

  • 3-piece set suitcases
  • Multi-directional spinner wheels
  • Extremely light weight

  • Cons :

  • No Locks Provided
  • The zippers are not tough enough

  • 3. Rockland Sonic Abs Upright Set, Green

    A third of the list is this very unique yet another 3-piece suitcase, the construction of this luggage is made with a material called ABS. This durable property makes sure that no harm comes to luggage, and the look of it always remains new and strong.

    While traveling through air or road, your luggage goes through a storm for sure. It goes to places you cannot be sure about. In such cases, there is a chance of your luggage being dirty. But do not worry, this product is 100% polyester. Hence it helps to keep your luggage stain-free and also makes it easier to clean.

    Moving smoothly is the number one priority while traveling because you don't want to lack off and ruin your mood just because your luggage is not effortless enough. You do not want that kind of hitches on the way. This product had taken care of your worries and created this luggage with spinner wheels with the multi-directional feature.

    Handles are there to help you pick or move your luggage properly. If you decide to purchase this product, it does not only offer you any kind of normal handle but a telescopic handle, which makes your travel even smoother than it was supposed to be.

    This product is very expandable, which means all of your three suitcases will also have to expand space capacity making more room for your necessary things. You can even put an extra book to read, or a spare outfit for you, which you would have avoided just in case you did not have this amazing 3-piece set luggage by Rockland.

     Pros :

    •3-piece set suitcase
    •Durable ABS material

    Cons :

  • No Locks Provided
  • Zippers prone to fail

  • 4. Rockland Luggage Polycarbonate Carryon Luggage, Purple Pearl, One Size

    Sometimes while you are on a business trip or your profession forces you to be up to date with the trends. This product is, by far, the most suitable one. It is very stylish and trendy to present. It is crafted with one of the most beautiful colors, purple pearl, making the luggage look very stunning to look at in the first place.

    Moreover, the features of this product are just as endearing. This is another light-weight product from the Rockland Company. Polycarbonate materials have been used in the construction of this product, which gives it the property of being durable and keeping the luggage protected, strong, and new all the time.

    For better movement, spinner wheels are provided along with multi-directional characteristic, which allows it to move freely throughout its pushing, pulling, or gliding period. The smoother the wheels would be, the easier it is to move from places to place. The dimension of the luggage alongside the wheels are 22x13.5x9 inches.

    The handles that are offered with the luggage have a telescopic property, and they are also made of light-weight metal aluminum. The feature of the product allows it to be moved while you are walking with your luggage or in a hurry going through a hectic custom service.

    But this is not the end of the exciting features, this product comes with mesh pockets inside the bag for your small items, and there are some elastic pockets as well. These pockets are easily accessible and help you to keep the important things you might need during emergencies. 

    Pros :

  • Multi-directional spinner wheels
  • Lightweight
  • Polycarbonate material used in the construction

  • Cons :

  • No Locks Provided
  • The zipper is not rugged enough

  • 5. Rockland Luggage Skate Wheels, Red, One Size

    This product that you are about to be introduced to is the most unique and extraordinary of them all. Extraordinary, in a sense, really has its properties and features on the next level. Starting with how it's a 4-piece set suitcase. You are purchasing three suitcases along with a side bag, all together in one go. 

    An attribute that Rockland luggage is proud of is that it’s made in a very rare red color. The color that just the longest wavelength, hence it attracts the eyesight quickly and vividly. This property of your luggage makes it even more stylish and eye-catching for people around you.

    The bags are super unique as four have them have different shapes and sizes, which helps you in packing your things properly. It also allows you to take all your necessary and unnecessary things with you. F32 / 14" Tote and it is also 19" 24" 28" upright.

    Retractable handles are preset for letting you move easily from place to place. It also locks itself into any height that is comfortable for you. Also, for better movement of the luggage, skate wheels are inserted. Therefore, you can throw the headache of not having a smooth journey because this product has made sure that it never happens to you.

    This luggage is very suitable for family trips, where you, with all the people of love, are going to have a healing trip. With all these unique features, this exceptional luggage is A-one for use.

    Pros :

    •4-piece set luggage
    •Retractable handles

    Cons :

  • No Locks Provided
  • Not light weight

  • Why Rockland luggage?

    Rockland is a stylish brand that focuses on both traveler's comfort as well as the trend and the styles. While reading the article, you must have acknowledged the fact about how Rockland has paid detailed attention to all the advises and needs of any purchaser. They gave their utmost blood, sweat, and tears to make something unique here.

    To understand the construction of Rockland luggage better, let’s look deeper into it. This luggage is very well-known in the industry for being brighter colors. Honestly, aren't you bored of the dull and dark colors all the time? Rockland luggage has tried to turn your black and white life a little brighter with its colors.

    One thing that Rockland luggage guarantees you for sure is, it will stand out in the crowd from the rest. It will always be unique; it does not matter; it's because of its color or its unique features; it can be eye-candy for sure.

    It's a good purchase when it comes to traveling with family or friends, and when you will go for a long time. Considering this luggage come in a set, plus ABS materials or polycarbonate materials are used in the construction of it. So, worrying about your luggage being destroyed or rugged is out of the question.

    Moreover, the product consists of features like a retractable handle, expandability, multi-directional spinner wheels, and whatnot. These are only there to give your trip only good memories and nothing else. Rockland Luggage has really put their heart out to make this luggage almost perfect for you.

    Final Verdict :

    In the end, all this article hopes are that you have already made up your decision on which Rockland luggage you will want to purchase. If you are still in a dilemma, this article will always be there to guide you on your way. So, without any wait, choose your preferable luggage and go on a healing trip either alone or with your family.


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