Top 5 Travelers Choice Luggage Reviews And Buying Guide Updated 2021

Does putting on a fragile sticker on your bag really help? We're just trying to point out to the fact that most airlines don't really care much of such tags. With an estimated 25 million bags being either lost, damaged, or hampered with, by airlines each year, there's always the chance that this could happen to you.

As the saying goes, 'better safe than sorry,' in such a situation, you might want to consider going for Traveler's choice premium luggage. These Traveler's choice luggage reviews should help you find the best bag to match your style while keeping your contents safe and secure.

We hope this review finds you at the right time, helping you to travel stress-free. Allowing you to actually enjoy your destination, rather than finding yourself having to find buy extra clothes because the ones you bought got damaged or stolen

Top 5 Travelers Choice Luggage Reviews :

Buying luggage shouldn't be an impulse decision, moreover, when you're considering buying a premium selection of high-quality luggage, make sure to put in the research. Going through these reviews will give you an understanding of the type of luggage you need making selection easier.

1.Traveler’s Choice Rome Hard-shell Rolling Luggage :

For those that prefer simplicity and utility, the Rome Hard-shell is the perfect fit. The bag doesn't include any fancy compartments; neither does it come in a wide array of colors. However, what you are getting is luggage that gets the job done right.
With its high-integrity structure and rigid polycarbonate ABS shell, you can stay assured whatever items you're carrying will remain safe. The ABS shelling makes the luggage resistant to extremely hard impacts. Even if a huge amount of force is exerted, creating dents, those dents should pop right back to restore the original shape.

If you do consider buying this bag, it would be an extraordinarily economical choice. Just take into account how spacious the interior is, while also being reasonably priced. You could try to find a better size to price ratio, but don't be surprised if that search doesn't turn up fruitful.

The bags, lightweight, added with its trolley system, making it the go-to bag for traveling. With an aluminum push-button handle and durable wheels act as the perfect combination to get the bag rolling with the highest of ease. Moreover, you're getting handles on the top and side to carry the bag up, stairs, and curbs.
The bag comes in a solid coloring scheme, with a three-color option of black, grey, and green. Moreover, you'll also get two sizes to choose from going from 21inches to 25 inches. The only problem you might face is the bag doesn't come with a lock; however, a small and cheap padlock should do the trick.


Lightweight polycarbonate ABS shell
Large wheels 
Reasonable pricing 
Internal tie-down straps and zipper pocket
Durable aluminum handle


Locking mechanism not included 
Doesn’t include a four-wheel trolley system

2.Traveler’s Choice Birmingham Luggage :

If the simpler things in life don't satisfy you, then we have a solution to that as well, the Birmingham model is a more luxury appealing luggage set from Traveler's choice. These luxurious bags come with a choice of two bold colors, black and red, getting you some glances from onlookers.

The body is made using Ballistic Nylon Fabric; thus, you're not only getting a water-repellent bag, but you're also getting the added benefit of durability and lightweight. So, your bag doesn't only look good; it also does an excellent job of protecting what's inside.
You'll also be getting an ergonomically designed push-button handle system; these are made using a high-grade aluminum frame, providing an extra touch of durability. These paired with the pair of in-line skate wheels make an extremely convenient way of moving with your bag.

The bag really outdoes it at the forefront of durability, as it comes with protective skid guards, a full corner guard, and a kick plate. Also, the wheels are encased in a protective shell of their own. All meant to minimize damage while traveling and making sure this bag sticks with you for a long time.

It comes in three sizes; you get to choose from a 21", 25" or 29" model. However, what they all have in common is that each bag gives you an abundance of space, coming with a large main compartment and a few additional zipper pockets. Thus, we're quite confident when we say this is a bang for the buck purchase


Water-repellent fabric shell
Hidden add-a-bag strap
Abundance of compartments
Extreme protective measures are taken
Luxurious outlook


No form of locking mechanism
Fiber body more susceptible to cuts

3.Travelers Choice Silverwood Softside Luggage:

For those who frequently travel for business, it's important to looks smart and professional, allowing you to set a good impression. Your looks aren't only limited to what you wear; they also expand to what you carry. In such cases, the stunning looks and carefully structured design of the Silverwood make for a perfect fit.

What really does set this luggage apart are the diamond-cut textures engraved on both the front and back, giving the bag a distinct appeal and also making is less susceptible to scratches and fingerprints. Additionally, the brushed metal finish gives the bag a great stealth look, while also keeping formal.

Maneuverability is something that really entices frequent travelers, and the company has gone above and beyond to get this right. This model includes the companies patent-pending T-cruiser handle system; this curved handlebar allows for better gripping while also sliding into the natural position of your hand.

The handle does make it easier to pull; however, most of the magic happens underneath, the four patent-pending Dual cyclone spherical wheels really get the luggage moving. With each half moving independently, ensures you get better traction and stability on almost any surface, may it be smooth or uneven.

There’s also the added 5mm shock-resisting material that is used on the wheels, making for a much better experience on uneven ground, while also making the bags more durable. All these combined and much more make for the perfect business luggage; however, the price tag might be a bit of a party pooper.


Expandable gusset for 25% more space
Riveted corner guards 
Top and bottom carry handles
TSA compliant locking mechanism
Multi-directional movementtext here...


Very Pricey 
Only comes in one color

4.Traveler’s Choice Sedona :

If you're looking to add some color to your life, you might as well add it to your luggage. The Sedona series is one of the boldest and most colorful series from Traveler's choice, boasting a list of bright colors, making it easier to spot on the conveyer belt.
The bag uses the highest quality pure polycarbonate shelling in the market, a shell-like this allows the bag to take in extreme amounts of pressure exerted during traveling. While also keeping the bag lightweight so it’s very easy to carry around, and you don’t have to pay extra for overweight luggage.

What makes the bag more convenient to use is its dual wheel spinner system, allowing you to move around more easily and effortlessly on both smooth and uneven surfaces. Pairing this with the push-button handle system maximizes maneuverability, while the aluminum framing makes it extremely durable.

Don't be dismissed by the exterior size of the bag, cause the interior will surprise you. Not only will you be able to stuff in a week's worth of clothes, but the zipper pockets included will also allow you to become organized, while the clamshell design makes it easier to use.
Moreover, it features an expandable zipper lining, which should increase your packing capacity by an estimated 25%. The bag also features a TSA approved 3-dial combination lock system. However, considering this is a premium quality bag, you might find the pricing pretty steep


TSA approved 3-dial combination lock system 
Fully equipped interior with tie-down straps
Expandable design
Pure Polycarbonate shell
Lightweight and extremely durable


The price may set you back
A glossy color will be more susceptible to scratches

5. Traveler’s Choice Conventional II : 

If packing capacity is what interests you the most, then have a look at the Conventional II model. Being able to maximize capacity is extremely important, mainly for those going on long trips or migrating to another country, city, etc. 

The bag comes in three bold colors of black, navy blue and red, each of these colors coming in a gun-metal finish. However, what's more important is the amount of luggage this bag can hold. Not only do you get a fully lined, large interior, but you're also getting a few exterior zipper pouches to help you organize better.
This large capacity of the bag is further complemented with an expandable setting; this allows the bag to open up by an extra 30%. To be able to expand to such lengths, while maintaining a sturdy structure is a great challenge, for which the bag is made using 1200 D Polyester.

The maneuverability of the bag also comes into question; having to hold such great weights is not the job of any normal luggage wheel. For this reason, the luggage features two oversized in-line skate wheels, making sure you don't run into any problems while on the move.

A push-button and self-locking handle system really compliment the trolley, making running to the check-in counter a piece of cake, that is, if you're ever late. The bag may seem expensive, taking into account the utility it's providing; however, you'd be surprised to know this is one of the fairly reasonable models from Traveler's Choice.


Large Storage Capacity 
Over-sized In-line skating wheels
30% expansion ability
Fully lined interior with tie-down straps
Lightweight and durable polyester body


Won’t come with its own lock
Might not handle extreme blows and drops

Why Traveler’s Choice Luggage?

With more than 35 years of experience in the luggage industry, Traveler's Choice has really made a name for itself. Being one of the go-to names when you're considering buying a premium quality product that comes at great value for money. However, there are a few more reasons you might consider choosing their bags.

Material :

One of their major strengths would be their ability to select just the right material; each bag is different and fulfills a completely different purpose. Thus, choosing the right material is mandatory.

These materials are mainly divided into two categories to choose from hardside and softside. The Hardside bags use a polycarbonate shell, this provides major protection to the interiors, while also remaining light and sturdy. The soft side bags are made using polyester casings, giving you the same lightweight feel with greater capacity

Longevity :

If a company is flaunting out its bang for the buck pricing, you may want to make sure they have enough evidence to back it up. For Traveler’s Choice, the customer review section on should be enough proof.

With customer's claims of being able to use the luggage for years at a stretch without any issue, it really helps you reevaluate your purchase decision. Such a response gives us the confidence to allow you to consider this purchase as an investment, whose value will only be recognized with time.

Product Line :

The company boasts a large product line, enabling them to customize their products according to the benefit that the end-users want. Meaning, you can be sure to find a product that matches almost all of your requirements. 
Since people's preferences vary vastly, a decision such as this was quite necessary, which the company can provide almost effortlessly. Moreover, you're no longer overwhelmed by the number of choices available.

Maneuverability :

Large luggage bags such as these are obviously not going to be easy to carry around, which is why Traveler's choice use's one of the most sophisticated trolley systems in the industry. With both in-line skating wheels and dual wheel systems, these high-quality wheels are made to survive and function on both uneven and smooth ground.

The handles using a push-button system are mainly made using an aluminum frame, keeping the integrity of the luggage while also not increasing the weight by much. Moreover, the handles are designed for peak comfort and allow you to get through nooks and corners with the greatest of ease.

Final Verdict :

From having to ask the employee at the airline's check-in desk to put on extra fragile stickers to not having to give a care about it at all; that by itself is a pretty big move. And this is made possible through such great companies that put the customer's satisfaction as their ultimate agenda.

With this company being only one of the few examples, we don't want you to lose out on something great. Thus, we hope this Traveler's choice luggage reviews find you in time to keep you from being that unfortunate soul who has to bear the loss occurring from a damaged or tampered bag.


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